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Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
They should look to have a huge launch exclusive (not crossgen a true next gen must have since there are so many PS4s out there less people would want to buy for it). Naughty Dog has had since Uncharted 4 in 2016 so 4 years should be enough to maybe get a new IP for a new gen right? Or maybe Horizon 2 from Guerrilla? Idk but something big and exclusive and at launch. Also they should launch in October at the latest. Get those launch preorders out of the way then get that second surge come holidays. Gotta get those first couple million outta the way to make it a holiday rush to get them when they restock.

I think releaseing GoT, Death Stranding, and TLoU2 as a cross gen release set (seeing how they have already been announced for PS4) and Horizon 2 as a PS5 exclusive at launch would pretty much destroy the competition.  A teaser of the next God of War would for PS5 would help drive hype as well.


Sony is in a very good spot as far as software line up goes IMO.  If they play their cards right, it could blow PS4 sales out of the water.

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