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Runa216 said:
For any and all of you claiming that 'Antifa are just as bad' or 'just as violent' as the white nationalists, neo-nazis, and 'proud boys', you're missing one key factor: The only reason Antifa exists and is active or violent is to OPPOSE FASCISM! It's in their name. their goal is to be anti-fascists. Their violence is reactionary, not provocative, and they're reacting to the rise of a historically and knowingly violent hate group.

The solution to stop inciting violence from Antifa is to stop supporting or sympathizing with nazis.

Violence may not be the answer, but sometimes it's the only solution. America and England didn't politely ask the nazis to stop, they went to war. America and England were violent, sure, but they did what they had to do for the greater good. Denying that and acting as if passivity breeds progress is harmful, especially when acting like white nationalist neo-nazis are 'in their rights to preach hate speech' or whatever.

Antifa needs to be violent, since asking politely to stop being a racist hate-group hasn't been working. If anything they should be MORE violent; Nazism has no place in this world and is an inherently violent hate-group.

Antifa might came into excistence because of that yes and at its core white supremacy groups are most likely a lot worse but now it revolved into 2 types of blind violence feeding and existing of eachothers hate.

Violence on the level of these kind of extreme activism mostly just brings more violence,it such a sad never seeming to be ending cycle, i do think we would be better of having a platform were those 2 extremes can have more peacefull collisions because raining violence down upon them will only strenghten the messed up thinking they have.