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MrWayne said:
Victorlink87 said:

The last part. "Its just racist". I do not believe you can cast the entire people group under that headline.

I think he means systemic racism, I mean the point he makes in the article is that people in the south aren't as racist as other americans think. And to be fair everyone has some racist thoughts because racism often times gives an easy explanation for complex things.

That's probably true. Even then I think it needs to be more specific. Ex: The Delta in MS definitely has a systemic racism issue. However, North West MS , Memphis, TN and the Gulf Coast do not. 

I do think we all have a default propensity to work off stereotypes because it is easier and less challenging to our world view. When we learn to overcome it and question everything we are fed/think we move forward.

I sincerely believe that the south's stereotype could be overcome if education were a focus. I left MS because the public educational system, except for DeSoto and Madison, is crap. People are fleeing MS like they are fleeing CA, just for different reasons. A lot of Mississippians are going to Alabama, Tennessee and Texas.