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Faelco said:
abroZ said:

I think it's better to say that most people that want one, have one. Platstation just isn't as dominant and popular in Japan as it used to be. 

Playstation 2 sold over 23 million units

Playstation 3 sold 10.5 million units

The potential is there but Japan has transformed into Nintendoland throughout the years, nothing to do about it really. 


Japan became a handheld and mobile land, and home consoles are becoming more and more a niche product for societal reasons. It's deeper than Nintendo VS Sony, it's the type of gaming changing. Mobile became bigger than console gaming IIRC, and the Switch might also hit a ceiling after a while. 

Still, Psvita flopped and Switch came out years after when the market is suppose to be worse, but is doing really well. Sure it's more gravitating towards mobile/handheld, but still Nintendo is succeeding with an hybrid console which is pretty expensive for a handheld in a market even worse where Sony failed with the vita.