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SpokenTruth said:
Immersiveunreality said:

The confederate flag is seen with the same digust as a swastika right?I do not really understand why goverments keep openly supporting it when this causes such a huge tension under its own population.

I also think Victorlink87 is talking about citizens openly showing the flag and not the things you mention in your comment,he would ofcourse be aware of that but must find it of less importance and i do agree with that.

I've lived in Texas (4 different cities) and Tennessee like he did and I saw flags every day.  I now live in Florida and I see flags every day.  So how likely is it that the very heart of Dixie they are so rare that you see only 1 in an entire year?

I wonder how often he looks at license plates.  The Confederate battle flag is part of the Sons of Confederate Veterans vanity license plate.

It was my favorite pass time on 72. No cell service, nothing but trees and small towns. I enjoyed seeing where people were from. I saw 1 license plate with the Confederate flag. I saw a lot of Ole Miss and MSU and Alabama plates though. Too many to count.

Fun fact MS license plates start with the first letter of the issuing county. I saw 1 Sons of Confederate Veterans. I am also more likely to meet an openly gay man in MS than a member of the SVC. As SVC numbers are under 100k across the whole US by last count. Number of LGBTQ people in MS were right at 75k.

Edit: I notice the flags.  They stick out like a sore thumb and an urge to destroy it comes over me, I of course immediately surpress it.

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