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SpokenTruth said:
Victorlink87 said:

Would you like me to video tape the little over 1.5 hr drive from Corinth MS to Memphis TN? I mean there really isn't any other way. Sorry that my story goes against your preconceived bias.

Do you not realize the Mississippi state flag has the Confederate flag built into it?  Or that Mississippi has 130+ Confederate monuments? They celebrate Robert E. Lee's birthday on MLK day. They have a Confederate Memorial Day in April. 5 counties and/or cities names after Confederate leaders or generals. Hundreds of roads, parks, schools, etc...too.

To suggest you might only see 4 flags over an entire year is illogical.

The confederate flag is seen with the same digust as a swastika right?I do not really understand why goverments keep openly supporting it when this causes such a huge tension under its own population.

I also think Victorlink87 is talking about citizens openly showing the flag and not the things you mention in your comment,he would ofcourse be aware of that but must find it of less importance and i do agree with that.