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potato_hamster said:


DonFerrari said:

Yes, but it points to a much better situation than on previous systems.

I've already addressed that idea, multiple times.

No one is arguing against the idea that the third party support on the Switch is better than the Wii U and the Wii in some ways. In fact I state it explicitly in the post you responded to, and in other posts. That still doesn't mean the Switch is getting good or even passable third party support. It just means it's better than the terrible support other recent Nintendo consoles received.

Being good or acceptable would be totally subjective, so if the customer base think it's good we may disagree but it's true to them. Even more when they accept and say it is much lower than PS4/X1. If they said it is great, perfect or cover most AAA games then we could put it as wrong.

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