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Miyamotoo said:
potato_hamster said:

The fact that you keep harping on this phrase means you don't understand what I'm saying at all.

The fact that you keep harping on this phrase means you don't understand what I'm saying at all, and I mean at a fundamental level. I'm clearly paraphrasing what you're saying unless when you said and I do quote that the Switch has "some great and diverse 3rd party games" (your words) that "push them to buy Switch, Dark Souls and espacily Diablo 3 are very good examples" (again your words).  You're acting like it's ridiculous to summarize such comments as "great system selling games", when I'm sure most would agree that is perfectly reasonable.

If that's the stand you want to make and accuse me of misrepresenting your points by doing as such, I have no interest in any further conversations with you on this topic or any other. It's a waste of my time.

No you changing what I said to fit your narrative. And yes, its totally ridiculous to go from "Offcourse that not single 3rd party game can move consoles like biggest Nintendo IPs can, but point is that Switch is getting some great and diverse 3rd party games" (you are free to use hole quote not just part to fit your agenda) and "you have people that had some interest in Switch and some of those games push them to buy Switch", and summarize that in "great system selling games". I mean, if I said its good game, you would probably summarize that like I said "best game ever".

I accusing you with every right, I have clear proof, I never said nothing even close that could be summarized like "great system selling games".

It's pretty clear to me at this point you either have issues with reading comprehension, the English language, or both. You're either not saying what you think you're saying or you're not understanding what I wrote, because you're blowing an a completely innocuous paraphrasing of your points into something that it's not and never was intended to be.

You can keep fighting that battle if you like, but I have no interest in arguing over semantics with someone who is having the trouble you're having, and i'm definitely not dealing with the accusations that you're developing out of it.