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kirby007 said:
No thank you, im still sad that the mod history before 2008 got cleared

It didn't get cleared, it's just that moderation history didn't get implemented until 2008.

As for the poll, there are only two reasons I can think of why it's even a question in the first place.

1. Some user made a request to get back a clean moderation history, so said proposal was made a site-wide question if it should be done.

2. The mod team came up with the idea themselves because of the second/third to last paragraph in this post:

The idea here would be to arrange a mod team that has only members with clean moderation histories, i.e. the perfect role models. This option doesn't seem likely, because CGI-Quality has already said he doesn't want to remove his own moderation. So it's much more likely option 1.

I voted 'no' in the poll.

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