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Mnementh said:
Grand Theft Auto V is boring.

The Tomb Raider reboot was a non-game. What I did as a player has no influence over the outcome. Try it out, try to fall in climbing sessions or something like that.

Turn-based is in most part superior to real-time, because it allows to make deeper more complex decisions. Which is especially true for RPGs fighting systems. In strategy games there are good working real-time-strategy games, but still turn-based strategy allows for much deeper systems.

I think well-made and well-advertised motion-control games in the vein of Wii Sports would still work and would be awesome.

I think online multiplayer is vastly overrated. Couch multiplayer is so much better than online MP.

Mouse+keyboard is vastly superior for controlling first-person shooters than gamepads.

The industry at large has way less fresh or strange ideas in games these days, games are more similar to each other than they were in the past. As I got Sega Megadrive Collection (Sega Genesis Collection in the US) I was surprised at some of the strange and refreshing ideas. For instance: when had we recently a game again like Comix Zone, in which you play through panels in a comic?

3D is not automatically superior to 2D. It depends strongly on gameplay. For instance in Civilization VI I wish they would have used a 2D-view as in the original Civilization, as the 3D-angled view was less simple and easy to grasp as the 2D-view.

Lucas-Arts point-and-click-adventures are vastly superior to Uncharted.

Game exclusivity is a blight. I understand it for platform holders, but 3rd-parties should stay away from exclusivity deals.

The advantage of PC isn't more power, but instead freedom of the ideas of platform holders.

Indies can be superior to AAA-games. It strongly depends on the game in question. Indies have often the more refreshing ideas (look above about the lack of innovation), with the smaller budget they have lower risk in trying out concepts different from the mainstream.

All of this!