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Nuvendil said:
curl-6 said:

I don't mean it was bad as in outdated processing tech, more that the design was bad in terms of having just one analogue stick, focusing on a gimmick that nobody ended up wanting, and having a worse screen than the PSP that launched 6 years earlier.

The Analogue stick is probably the only thing that REALLY sticks out and was a major design oversight.

I'd argue the 3D effect proved to be a bad design feature as well, based on the poor market reception. curl-6 is correct to note that 3D stopped being a selling point really quick, and even a lot of Nintendo's own games abandoned it by the end, to the point where later iterations of the hardware couldn't do 3D if they wanted. There was a very literal and a figurative price to that feature though. Ultimately, I think the system would have been much better off without it.