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curl-6 said:
Nuvendil said:

The Analogue stick is probably the only thing that REALLY sticks out and was a major design oversight.  But that's also not new.  The GB needed the GBC to make up for going a bit TOO cheap.  The GBA needed the GBA SP to light the screen.  

I think functionally the 3DS actually works rather well.  Only a few games needed that second stick badly since...well games designed for it were designed usually for single stick play.  The screen quality is the more jarring thing for my personal taste.  They traded too much there for the 3D.  And I actually like the 3D.

I haven't really followed Nintendo's handhelds as with the exception of 3DS I never owned any. It's just that in isolation the 3DS just seems to me a poorly designed piece of hardware. Switch for example is vastly superior in concept and execution.

I think he had some valid comparisons though.

Nintendo didnt have color until 1998 when Lynx had one in 1989.

They didnt have a backlit screen until 2003 when Game Gear had one in 1991.

They didnt have a touch screen until 2004 when Game.com had one in 1997.

They didn't have a control stick until 2011 when Tapwave Zodiac had one in 2003.

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