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vivster said:

Knock yourself out. Just pick the week where the new consoles are released and you will have the total of the consoles until then.

It only helps for 7 th gen.

But reading some stuff I came to the conclusion that even though PS3 could have improve PS2 sales because of its price, PS2 is the best selling console until next gen. 

The only 3 consoles that reached 100 millon are PS2, PS1 and Wii

By the time Wii U was out, Wii was selling close to 97 million consoles. 

But even one year before the PS3 was out, PS2 reached 100 million shipments on nov 2006. 5 years and 9 months after launch date.

PS1 needed more than 9 years for that, so Im sure that by the time PS2 appeared, PS1 sold less than Wii.

PS2, by March 2007, only 4 months and some after PS3 introduction, shipped near 118 million consoles. Insane.

So, It will be a race between PS2 and PS4 to be the best selling console until next gen replacement appears.

actually I found an article about that.