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MrWayne said:

games as a service

I guess the capitalization is wrong?

No, just didn't know the acronym. I can understand the though but I'd say F2P is the best, you have basic stuff but the entire game. So a non paying player, gets base skins etc. Then everything is unlocked by either spending money on points or playing to earn them but even, it's all luxury cosmetic that does that. League of Legends is the best example, most things are free or free from play but skins are paid for right? Yet it's making billions. Same as Fortnite. Free games allow people to come back, play when they want and pay what they want.

Of course it's also about getting people hooked. Charging your customers $60 for the base game then expecting them to pay more for cosmetic stuff on the other hand is not a good idea, being a shit game also doesn't help (Fallout 76).

Hmm, pie.