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think-man said:
I got some more:

- Pokemon hasn't been fun since 2nd gen

- Tearaway wasn't as good as everyone hyped it up to be. (Both Vita and PS4)

- Vita was a better console than the 3DS (Shame about it's support)

- Halo 1 & 2 campaigns were actually boring.

- Infamous was a set down franchise

- Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is more fun than the previous titles on the psp

- Yakuza isn't that fun

- Killzone 2 is the best shooter ever made

- Tomb Raider is boring

- Journey is overrated, I wouldn't have finished it if it wasn't so short

- Gravity Rush on vita was too frustrating to play, thankfully GR2 is much better

- Mass Effect 2 wasn't fun at all.

True on mass effect 2!