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Xbox one is a good gaming console.

Xbox exclusive has great variety (Halo,Gears,Forza,Recore,Quantum Break,Ori,Sunset overdrive,Ashen,etc) All different games. Sony games are too similar (Linear cinematic games )

Kingdom hearts is fun but stupid, Tetsuya Nomura design are pure shit (Just Cloud ,Sephirot variations)

Ps1 Saga frontier was a fantastic rpg

Xenogears has terrible narrative and pacing, bad camera,controls ,horrible dungeons design and almost zero exploration. Only good things are the whole story and the great music.

Actual Jrpgs are just anime shit for teenagers . Cliche story and half naked girls

Final fantasy X es terrible, great concept ruined for a cast de incredible stupid and cliché characters.

The best From Software games are the Kings field series. Dark souls is very easy in comparation.

Hideo kojima games are boring, simple ,basic gameplay with a tons of little details, but in the end, just linear and absurd. I want a game ,no his hype, secret messages and all that "mistery,secret shit" his fans like.

A lot more to say, just i dont have more time.

Sorry for my bad english.