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1. Microsoft has innovated MUCH, MUCH more than Sony has.

- Xbox Live was a huge paradigm shift in online gaming. The original PS2 didn't even have ethernet.
- Microsoft made the hard drive standard
- Achievements were a huge innovation
- Xbox Live Arcade was a huge innovation
- And many more things.

Sony, despite being the market leader and making INCREDIBLE consoles, seem to be more of a follower than innovator.

2. Xbox 360 failed in Japan not because it was an American company, but because Microsoft absolutely refused to adapt the Xbox 360 to Japanese tastes.

- "X" in Japan means to cancel (that's why on PlayStation controllers in Japan O is to confirm and X to cancel). Should've renamed it "OBox 360" or something.
- The working title for the original Xbox was "Midway" in reference to the WWII battle (of Midway) that was the point when Americans started to win against Japan
- They tried to force western games down Japanese throats instead of trying to get more Japanese games. By the time they FINALLY started to release a ton of Japanese games, it was too late (2007-2008). However, the fact the 360 sold pretty good at some points during 2008 is proof the 360 could've done good in Japan.
- The launch titles in Japan was pathetic and insulting. Not only did they barely release any Japanese games, the 360 only launched with 6 total games! and to add insult to injury, only around 20 games were backwards compatible at launch compared to over 200 in the USA and Europe.
- The Xbox 360 only used DVDs when it should have used a proprietary disc format (something like VMD) that could hold more layers than a regular DVD0

The iPhone taking over Japan and McDonald's being the number 1 restaurant in Japan, etc. etc. is absolute proof that Xbox could've succeeded in Japan. Not win Japan of course, but sell between 5-8 million systems. Also, the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis only did OK in Japan even though Sega is a Japanese company, but the Saturn did very well because the Saturn had more japanese-style games.

Xbox failed in Japan because Microsoft tried to force Japan to adopt western taste; instead it should have done the opposite.

3. Sony did great at E3 2013, but they hid the fact they were going to start charging for PlayStation Network. Steve Ballmer is also the worst CEO of an American company in recent history.