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I'd forgotten how low the bar is to be an "insider." Quite the load of vague, completely deniable bullshit we got here!

Based on what is this bullshit? We are not still in FY 2019. if you think that Nintendo announced hole FY 2019. Switch lineup before even FY 2019. started, you're totally wrong. Talking about Emily, last couple of times she was tottaly right, for istance before 2018. started she said 2018. Switch will not have many new games and Nintendo will relay mostly on ports and 3rd parties in 2018. and that was true, while for 2019. she was saying opposite, plenty of new games and that 2019. will probably be stronger than 2017. for Switch.

"There's a 70% chance that between 5-12 titles may be released in a year. Oh, but some of them may end up getting pushed back, for reasons."

There's basically nothing there.