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Spike0503 said:
I don't get the dismissals and the joke posts from some people here. I can definitely see your point. While Zelda is not really my thing, BotW has been a terrific success so it could embody Nintendo as a whole for the coming years. TLoU was a big hit and it has definitely embodied Sony for a while now.

I feel that the Game that embodied Sony even though I couldn't get into the last few games was Uncharted and now that it's pretty much run it's race, it's a two way race between TLoU and GOW, but I feel if we are talking differing approaches to games that involve post apocalyptic worlds then from Sony's side  Horizon fits the bill better than TLoU, since both Horizon and BotW involve larger and more open worlds than TLoU and  both have tower mapping, and while all 3 post apocalyptic games look back at the past, Alloy and Links journey's have a deep connection to why and how their  present worlds came to be.