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It's all a matter of preference. Some people prefer story, some prefer gameplay, some want a mix of both.

I played The Last of Us and found it to be really boring for the first hour (After the intro part, of course), since it was just walking. When the game part finally happened, it was really good for like five hours, but then just started to recycle the same situations over and over. Evade Clickers, shoot runners, shoot people. Insert one-off sequence like the sniper or the tank. Story was cliche, but done well. There's nothing wrong with cliches if effort is put into them.

Breath of the Wild certainly has some problems in the variety department, too. Too few enemy types. Not enough variation in the different areas. But, the physics of the game open it up to a lot more crazy situations and emergent gameplay. However, people who play games for story basically look around and go, "Why am I doing this?" because there's nothing there for them. They want clear goals and characters they can connect with to help drive them onward.

It is an interesting difference in approach when you think about it.