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For the most part, I have only had 1 console per generation.. Until this gen. I've had multiple consoles of the same generation before, but not at the same time. Saturn broke, got a PS1. Dreamcast got discontinued, got a PS2, or maybe I already had one.

I get almost all multiplatform games on PC these days. I opened the gen with a PS4, and eventually got a second PS4 in the form of a pro. But, with my PC's specs, it's nonsensical for me to get multi-plats, unless it's a bad PC port. This gen, I have a PS4, Pro, PC, and a Switch. If I want to play xbox games, they're all on PC anyway. I personally have never been a fan of xbox, and the only thing i ever wanted from xbox was killer instinct. I also have forza horizon 3 & 4, but I don't play either. Same is true for Gears of War 4, and Gears of War collection. None of those games hold my attention.

I don't think it's weird to own multiple consoles, unless you own both a gaming pc and an xbox. Exclusives aren't really a thing, like they are with switch and ps4.