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Barozi said:
For comparison:

Sony's gaming division (2018): $20 billion
Microsoft's gaming division (2018): $11.5 billion
Nintendo (2018): $10.9 billion

This is just insane. Sony's division is almost equal to the others combined. 


The_Liquid_Laser said:

1.  This shows why Sony's gaming division just had it's most profitable year.  Digital has much higher profit margins than physical.  

2.  This also shows why Gamestop has been in trouble.  Their alleged allies are competing against them.  Normally a console maker and retailer are partners in sales.  Not anymore, because Sony and Microsoft have their own online stores (and to a lesser extent Nintendo).  If Gamestop were smart, then would look for ways to gradually focus more on Nintendo and less on Sony and Microsoft.  The latter two are just throwing Gamestop under the bus anyway.

I disagree. Sony basically kept gamestop afloat by not following MS and killing second hand sales. Not only that but they even forced MS to change. That was a serious lifeline from Sony. Plus the big games from them often get better deals at retail.