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pokoko said:


Biggerboat1 said:
An obscure football manager in Scotland once said this in a televised interview "statistics are like mini-skirts - they look good but hide the most important part"

Not saying it's the best quote ever but stuck with me for the sheer randomness factor.

I think it applies here, PSN could have more revenue than Nintendo, but how that actually translates to profit is unknown and is really the only thing that matters. Revenue for show, profit for dough!

That's not true at all.  Revenue is important for growth, which in turn can lead to increased market share and a stronger position in the marketplace.  Look at Amazon share price and tell me that it's not a viable path.  

As I mentioned in my other replies, revenue is kinda pointless to look at in the context of a gaming forum - especially when comparing a digital store front with a console/software company - what we need to know is profit!