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Image and video embed are two of the main ones I use.
And on that note I've always wondered why the default dimensions for Youtube embedded videos are 425 x 350?
It's not the size itself I have an issue with, but the ratio.

Here for example, it has black borders at the top and bottom, as it does not have the same ratio as a standard Youtube video. If this was back in 2007 maybe, but not these days.

One bug I'm currently experiencing is that every time I clicked "Preview" while typing up this post, I was taken to an error page.
Not sure if that's temporary.
Yeah it keeps happening if I do it while I have a youtube video embedded. Not otherwise.

As for features I would like to see, is there currently a tool that lets you place your marker behind a table? If I quote someone for example, I don't know how to place the marker behind/above it, so what I do instead is I highlight everything > cut, then I type something > paste.

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