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Asriel said:

Pretty much in line with my own predictions - as can be seen in the other threads, I over-estimated the evergreen titles and hardware sales and under-estimated Super Mario Party, Pokemon and Smash.

Do you see a price-cut or hardware revision coming in the next financial year?  Looking at sales in Japan, which Nintendo attach a lot of importance to, I'm wondering if they'll want to move on price in order to achieve stronger sales. While Switch is tracking ahead of any home system in Japan since PS2, it's behind the curve set by DS and 3DS. I'm thinking if a hardware revision does come, it won't be anything major - and might just be a new standard model. Personally I think any major hardware revision could wait until 2020, if they're willing to move on price this year and definitely get both Animal Crossing and Pokemon out globally in good time.

I think everyone expects a price cut and/or revision in the next fiscal year. The only console that didn't see a price reduction in its first 24 months on the market was the Wii, so Switch is due for a change to its pricing.

For the hardware revision I expect smaller size and better battery life to improve portable functionality of the console. Nintendo will want to move closer to the goal of making Switch a one-per-person device. It's possible that the revision will become the new standard while the original SKU gets phased out, like it happened with DS Lite and DS. Although smaller size means smaller screen as well, so going forward it's more likely to be a relationship like 3DS and 3DS XL released in reverse order.

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