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Great numbers, but now it's time for everyone that said who expected less than 20M (or god forbid lower than 18M) to be trolls and haters to apologize right?

Now it looks like the probability of 25M on 2019 is very thin.

And seems like the predictions people made of PS4 forecasted 16M becoming 18M actual and Switch 20M becoming 17M actual with both selling quite close on the year was quite spot one, who could guess? I now who, people who kept sales curve in mind and made conservative predictions.

With 3DS SW sales dropping YOY it is very indicative of the end of its life as a platform in the couple next years, let's keep looking if it will get a successor or Switch will be the sole platform.

Will we also see people that said Labo would explode in Holidays (more than 6 months after a lukewarm release) admit they were wrong? It was a blue ocean product, nothing like it was in the market as far as I'm aware, but it wasn't an EVERGREEN, it sold like normal stuff, most on the first week and month, then declining as normally happens to SW.

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