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We're currently in the process of beta testing a VASTLY superior version of the TinyMCE editor, we all use when posting rich-text messages in the forums. It's getting a fairly good work out from some of the frequent posters here, and so far there have been very few side-effects of the move.

As we get a better comfort level with the idea that there are no significant bugs or nasty issues that break threads, I'll be doing a "slow roll" of the editor out to Supporters first, and then a general release to everyone. In the meantime, I would like to get some feedback from you all, as it would help me to ensure important features are addressed - and it will help the beta testers focus on areas that need to be validated, before we start to open this up:

  • Which features do you most often use today?
  • Are there specific features that you've tried to use, but they don't work properly or are a struggle?
  • Are there features that you wish the editor would allow you to do, but are not currently available?
  • If a streamlined mobile version of the editor was available - would you prefer to use it?

These are just some of the questions that pop into my mind, but I'm certainly open to other ideas/suggestions around this particular tool. I value ALL input here, as I'm sure the beta testers will, too.