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Machina said:
HylianSwordsman said:

Glad to hear it. I've a few more questions, regarding the hardware charts. How do I look at specific hardware charts now that they aren't going to be paired with the software charts? I see we have the hardware numbers for January 5th already, and they're displayed on the front page. Normally if I wanted to see hardware numbers for a specific week that wasn't on the front page, I'd look at the global software chart for that week and check the accompanying  hardware, then check the different region charts for that week if I wanted a regional breakdown.

Speaking of which, since regional software is gone, how do I see hardware for the different regions? I mean the chart on the front page summarizes it well enough, but where will that chart go once the next week's data arrives? Do I just have to check the weekly hardware comparison tool? Because don't get me wrong, it makes some pretty graphs and the data is all there, but I'll really miss the presentation of the chart for past weeks if only the current front page chart is visible. Not to mention the front page hardware chart links to December 29th 2018's chart, so that needs to be changed to something else at some point.

Since you're not tied down to pairing the different regional hardware breakdowns with a software chart, perhaps you could have a central location for all the previous front page charts? Again, the presentation of that front page chart with a breakdown of every platform's sales in every region and their global totals for a given week all in one place is really nice and not something you can replicate with the weekly hardware comparison tool, and in general a chart as opposed to a graph is just easier and more straightforward to read.

TLDR; You said in an earlier post that the hardware charts aren't going anywhere, so what's going to happen to the actual hardware charts that used to appear alongside the software charts? And the front page chart once a new one replaces it? Where will they go? Because there doesn't seem to be a place for them yet, unless I'm missing something.

You're right, there isn't one yet. We'll be adding a new index page to display all of the historical hardware charts - it's on the to-do list. I'm sure we can display it by region too (heck we actually track hardware for more places than we show, such as smaller European countries, so maybe we can display some of those too).

Would you be eager to adjust historical software sales data? 

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