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Johnw1104 said:
Those were the days when they could churn out a new masterpiece of a zelda or mario game in under a year.

Games just require too much production time these days to really compete with the output of the 80's and 90's imo (even with N64 Majora's Mask only took 6 months), but they've been off to one heck of a strong start with the Switch already.

That’s not actually true. At only 9 games, Nintendo had fewer first party titles than any other console. They more than doubled total first releases for the N64 with 19 total. Even the Switch has already surpassed the SNES by 50% at 14 games - even more if you include ports from Wii U. Nintendo published 18 games total on SNES, New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe marks Nintendo’s 32nd published game on the platform.

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