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Jranation said:
colafitte said:

That's why i said that, because that won't happen. JP hardware sales in 2019 need Switch doing that to compensate (or something similar) or JP hardware sales in 2019 are going to be one of the worst, if not the worst since Media Create is tracking sales.

Oh of course. Especially in 2020 where PS4 will probably pulling Vita Numbers. And who knows if Sony will make another handheld or hybrid, and if Nintendo will release a Switch Handheld Version. 

Ouch, comparing PS4 with PSV...that was harsh . PSV sold in 2018 what? 175K?. No, PS4 is not going to drop that much in 2020, but i must admit that after seeing January numbers for PS4, i'm starting to feel that my 1'3M prediction for 2019 is becoming "optimistic".

Sony is going to be forced to do something to avoid PS4 selling less than 1M this year.