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DonFerrari said:

Yes, I agree.

Still someone predicting 15M shipping (not really saying 12M sold or anything the like) and it selling 15M shouldn't qualify as the most exceeding sales expectation right? When MHW where past 10M when several expected like 1M, 3M at most.

Only one person who made that bold prediction while the others weren't.

About MHW situation, the signs were there when the E3 trailer is the most watched trailer for Capcom game and the stage presence at E3 was the biggest for the company. Combined with a multiplayer aspect of MHW there wasn't a single doubt about MH was about to explode in the western market especially with capcom largest marketing push ever recorded. The only skepticism was in the Japanese market where it was ditching the portable for a stationary console, and they managed to sell it really well then from there MHW was going to break Capcom sales record for the WW market. 

The ones who keep downplaying the sales were fanboys who couldn't accept Capcom decision to change from portable console to stationary consoles and also with the underperforming titles like SFV, RE7, and MVC didn't help with the perception of Capcom strategy. 

I guess you weren't in the threads them. MHW is much much much above what was being predicted and it wasn't just a small number of people that expected low sales. While Smash had very high expectations, you can say it exceed it, but to say it is the game that most exceed is another thing.

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