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TalonMan said:
kirby007 said:
About the system that did the software charts planning on making it publicly available?

I'll answer that one:   No.


It's Brett's software, his algorithm - and no, it stays locked behind the door.


mjk45 said:
I would like to ask a question, it might be a silly one but that doesn't stop them popping into my mind, have you thought about approaching Sony for sales data that includes digital, now i'm not talking up to date sales, more along the lines of getting historical data from PS3 and PS4, and if that succeeds then convincing them to do periodic updates of Sony games since anything on a small time scale ain't happening.
Then you just have left the super easy task of getting Sony to convince 3rd parties to add their games.

I've mulled this over myself, because frankly it's just too damn easy for MS, Sony, and Nintendo to, at the very least, know and release digital sales numbers - there's no possible way on any planet, they don't have this basic information readily available...      ...and yet, neither one of the three has ever been forthcoming with releasing those numbers to ANYONE. I don't know why - I don't know what the big secret is all about. But I just don't see them giving that information over to us (or anyone else) without somebody forking over $$ for the data.

 $$ for data is why rather than trying for the latest data, I mentioned trying for Historical data for PS3 and PS4  and maybe convincing  Sony to expand their updates to include more games than the one game hitting a milestone update they usually do, a Sony game sales state of the nation address sounds good, also the reason I mentioned just Sony is I feel in their current position they would be the most likely ones to give data, plus if you don't ask!

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