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DarthMetalliCube said:
omarct said:

I dont recommend it mate, that restoration stuff is mostly make up. Plus it might make it look odd as you will be neither circumcised nor natural. This is the main reason I chose to circumcise my kid, because he had to get a foreskin operation but the doc said he could keep most of the foreskin but I would rather him be all the way natural or circumcised, didnt want some mixture in-between that might give him some confidence issues.

I don't know, I can't help but get this building feeling of becoming more and more opposed to the idea of circumcision within the last few years in particular. Based on the vast amount of research I've done (and believe me I've looked into it a lot), I've simply seen a grand total of zero good excuses in favor of circumcision. Everything I seen just seems to amount to little more than "tradition", cultural values, moral/religious superstition, etc. The only arguments I've seen that even hold a tiny bit of water are: circumcised is more aesthetically pleasing, and it's more hygienic..

Well with regards to the first point - I honestly couldn't care less what women think it looks like. If they would actually want to leave me or not engage in sexual activity for that sole reason, than I say good riddance. I wouldn't want somebody with that mentality anyway. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Many women are far more used to the uncircumcised look - not so much in my neck of the woods but still. As far as the second point - this isn't the 18th century. We have more than sufficient methods of cleaning. It's a simple task.

I also share a similar view with VAMAtt's sentiment - in being pretty firmly libertarian in many of my views/philosophies, I have this nagging feeling that something was taken from me without my content, and I want it back. 50% of my reasoning/motivation is taking back power and being in control of my own fate.

Again, obviously there were, erm.. bits that were lost that I won't be able to fully get back or replicate. But from what I've looked into regarding the subject of restoration, there certainly are some benefits of additional skin, and even if this brings it to a penis that's 80% functional/closer to its natural state, it's better than the 20-40% I'm working with now. :/

Besides, if I'm not liking what I'm feeling/seeing, I can always abort mission anyway with no harm done. It's an extremely long and slow process anyway, so it's not like I'll wake up one morning to a drastically different looking unit.

Don't know anything about surgical restoration. And while I also don't know how big the difference is when it comes to sexual pleasure for a more sensitive (uncircumsized) penis vs a less sensitive (circumsized) one, it's probably something you wouldn't miss, because you never knew the difference in the first place. Whether the difference is big or not.
Unless you chopped it off midway through life, that is.

But yeah, we're born that way, probably for a good reason. It's supposed to protect our most sensitive parts, like pretty much every other sensitive part of out body.
I wouldn't cut off my eyelids just because there's a chance it could get infected, back when hygiene was different.
But if there's a medical complication down there and the doctor recommends it, then sure. Otherwise, don't try to fix what isn't broker.

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