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So what it basically boils down to is you personally don't care about the stuff they show, so why should anyone else. Never understood that mentality. I own a Switch but don't give a rats ass about Directs, but that doesn't mean I'd wonder why anyone would watch them or get excited about them. I do wonder why anyone would watch something like The Masked Singer, but I wouldn't judge. You do you.

So what if Crackdown 2 got a 70 metascore? This is a different game from a different developer. Should the fact that the last Zelda game got a 73 meta prevented people from getting excited or looking forward to BotW? Of course not. GT Sport got a 75 meta. Does this mean if and when Sony shows off a new traditional GT7, people shouldn't care? Of course not.

Last E3 Microsoft showcased a lot of games. Including many big ones and including many exclusives. If they don't appeal to you, thats cool, but they do appeal to others. Ori 2, Crackdown 3, Halo, Gears 5, Fallout 76, Metro, Division 2, Dying Light 2, motherfucking Battletoads, Horizon 4, the Cuphead expansion, motherfucking Cyberpunk. These are all games they showed that I will buy or have already bought for the ones already released.

I mean... people could make this exact same thread for every company. Oh geez another Smash... oh geez another Naughty Dog narrative game, etc.