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Cerebralbore101 said:
flashfire926 said:

1) The Initiative is a brand new studio. Playground Games have never released anything for a non-xbox platform,, same with Undead Labs, so they werent really "taken away". Obsidian was likely on the brink of closure with ho horribly bad Pillars 2 did. Also this isnt big bad Microsoft stealing studios. The studio's decision should also be respected, they accepted to be bought out when they had no obligation to do so.

2) Forza Horizon is not even close to realistic. What do you mean by "cool stuff"? Horizon lets you pull off big jumps, if that's what you were wondering.

3) So you would rather watch different conferences for Warner, Activision, Square, BamCo, etc instead of having all the announcements in a single one? dofferent folks, different strokes, I guess

Ok yeah, then their acquisition of studios is fine. How badly did Pillars 2 do? If Obsidian was going to shut down, then its a good thing for MS to scoop them up. 

Let me be a little more clear on my dislike of Forza. Imagine a platformer where you just play as a normal human being. You have no special powers, no extra jump height, you can't do parkour. It's just a normal random guy off the street jumping from place to place. Does this sound fun? How about an FPS where there are no killstreaks, no weird guns that would never exist in real life, no flashbangs, etc. You just play as a normal guy again off the street. He has no special powers, there are no grenades. It's just a mundane game where you just shoot people or things with your pistol. Does that sound fun? 

Well, this is how I feel about racing games where there's no Blue Shell, no machineguns to fire at other cars, no flying cars, no futuristic cars, etc. What I'm trying to say is I don't like games that are a 1 to 1 recreation of real life and nothing more. Games like that are boring. 

Maybe you should think smarter or play Forza before calling it a 1-1 recreation of real life. It hardly is, Not everyone is driving hypercars in the open streets or across fields going 400+ km/h. No one is drifting about everywhere or taking jumps off large cliffs. This is game is above real life in everyway that you can put Bunny Girl Senpai (anime) all over any car of your choice, and drive it however you want with no rules whatsoever to stop you from having fun. It is by far the best racing game in existence, there is no argument against that.

Idk why you can't just say you hate good racing games, and prefer boring kitty racers like Mario kart. Instead of trying to describe something you know nothing about.


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