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brute said:
I wonder if this will skip Switch entirely or be a late release again? Either way I'm looking forward to this.
I have FighterZ on both PS4 and Switch and it is awesome.


PAOerfulone said:
So hyped for this!
Just from this one trailer, it looks like the Action Adventure/RPG I’ve been waiting for from Dragon Ball!
It looks like they’re just going from the beginning of Z to the Frieza Saga. Maybe future trailers will shw us the Androids, Cell, or Majin Buu sagas. But still, I’m keeping my eye on this one!

Now if only there were a Switch version...


SKMBlake said:

I don't see the point of not making a Switch version

I expect a Switch announcement to pop up later. They got the (seemingly) same engine, albeit in a fighting game setting, to work great on Switch at 1080p/60fps even.
So that's a good sign on the technical front. Maybe there's an issue with how to fit the game on a cartridge.

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