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DarthMetalliCube said:
I'm seriously considering some sort of foreskin restoration, just reading some of the recent data and anecdotal stuff that's come out in recent years about being uncircumcised vs cut and what is lost during circumcision. I mean I still feel pleasure and everything but I still can't help but wonder how much improved it could be, to the point where it's starting to irk me. And again - at the risk of being too graphic I do have somewhat tight skin to the point where there can be some mild discomfort/tension when fully erect. Really tempted to at least try to obtain a mild form of restoration. Obviously I can't get back all that was lost but even if it's 40% that's good enough for me..

I dont recommend it mate, that restoration stuff is mostly make up. Plus it might make it look odd as you will be neither circumcised nor natural. This is the main reason I chose to circumcise my kid, because he had to get a foreskin operation but the doc said he could keep most of the foreskin but I would rather him be all the way natural or circumcised, didnt want some mixture in-between that might give him some confidence issues.