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If its not necessary dont do it, since there is more risks than benefits (in fact i dont know of a single benefit outside of doing it for some health problem that requires it).

Here is my personal story.

In my case i got circumcized when i was about 5 or 6 years old but it was due to a medical reason, the hole in my foreskin was too small and it was actually creating a serious health problem for me, so i HAD to get it (at least thats what the doctors told my parents)... and i have several things to say about it.

1) It was the most PAINFUL thing i ever experienced and in fact after that i became incredibly resistant to pain, (because nothing will ever come close to the feeling of your dick bleeding all over the place...).

2) I have seen pictures of circumcisions gone wrong and its scary, ive seen kids who lost a big part of their dick due to circumcision and in my case thankfully the operation was perfect but its still scary knowing what could have happened.

3) Ive heard from people that sexual pleasure doesnt feel as good after a circumcision and sadly i cant confirm or deny this since i got mine before i ever had sex, i can however say that sex for me does feel AMAZING (by far the greatest physical pleasure i can get) and i even became addicted to it and porn when i was a teenager, HOWEVER after learning that circumcisions affect that pleasure i do wonder if it could feel EVEN BETTER.