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The biggest problem with that map is that it is grouped by region rather than by state. Some of those states in the west group would be much higher than it appears, as the high liberal populations in states like California and Washington are skewing the regional results.

Found another site that shows numbers by state and are newer. So Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and  Washington are all below 20% with California at 23%


Yep, as I expected Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming have much higher percentages. I suspect that Idaho and Alaska also have much higher percentages, though that 2nd source has no data for them. Those are all either moderate or right wing leaning states, while the left wing heavy states of California, Oregon, and Washington have some of the lowest percentages. I am surprised at how low the circumcision rates are in Nevada and Arizona however, those states tend to be more moderate, and recently Arizona has been favoring right wing candidates, I can only assume it's because of the high Hispanic populations in those states, as Hispanics don't like circumcision (the circumcision rate is below 20% in every South and Central American country). I was also surprised by how high the circumcision rate was in Hawaii since it is a very left wing state, but I did some research and it seems that the native Polynesians on Hawaii performed circumcisions even before westerners arrived and circumcision is still highly favored by Native Hawaiian's today, and there is also a high Filipino population on Hawaii and Filipino's strongly favor circumcision (the Philippines has a circumcision rate of 92.5%). It's pretty clear looking at the results overall that the left favors uncircumcised while the right favors circumcised in the US.

That also means that for instance if you live in a high population city, an uncircumcised kid is far less likely to be embarrassed or made fun of in the locker room or when he starts having sex, than an uncircumcised kid in a rural area would be, as the left tends to congregate in big cities while the right tends to live in rural areas.

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