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mZuzek said:
Hiku said:

Well I was thinking only one video for Top 20, that plays like a montage. Not 20 separate videos.
But on the note of having only the player bar visible, I don't know if that's possible with Youtube videos, but I do know that I've done that on another forum some years ago. I don't recall what site was used to host the tracks, or if it was an innate forum feature, but it was possible to post mp3 links that were just a Play/Pause button + volume slider and progress bar that doesn't take up much space. So in theory I know it's something that's possible to do. Just don't know if it can be done on this particular forum, and how. If I recall correctly, the player bar looked like Windows Media Player.

We used that for a game where people would listen to a snippet from a game's OST, and guess which game it was from.

Yeah, getting more people interested in participating would be more important, since I think it already looks great the way it is.
Do you show the list of like the Top 10 games from the previous year in the OP of the voting topic? I don't recall seeing that when reading through the rules for this year.

Also, I'll PayPal you $20 to rig the polls to make Majora's Mask the #1 Zelda game.

Nah the results of each year are always only in the results thread. This event isn't really supposed to be a "poll", it's more about an yearly celebration of video games, spending the last 50 days of a year talking about each of our 50 favorite games. Personally, I think that discussion, about our own favorite games, is the real heart of this event, which is why I'm not as bothered by the end results (in fact, most of the people bothered by them are usually ones who didn't participate, which only makes sense), I see them more as just a final bonus thing to celebrate the event as a whole.

About the music, I'll look into it - which likely means I'll forget about it and then decide not to do it because it'd be too much work, but hey, we'll see.

And about rigging it, well, if you were offering me money to put Skyward Sword at #1 or something, I'd think about your case.

Yeah I'm not bothered by any of the results, though since Majora's Mask tends to be an underdog among the top Zelda games, seeing it high up would suggest it may be more appreciated among our members here than I thought. But turns out it's about where I would have expected it.
That and the top 20 made me realize I should probably participate. But primarily it was because of how you presented the Top 100 list. I appreciate the layout, and realize it must have taken quite some time. That's also why I asked if you displayed last years results like that in the voting topic, as that may have motivated me to read through the rules more properly.

Looks like you got 55 lists though, so that sounds like a good chunk of members. More than I expected would participate, so well done on that as well.

Skywards Sword and Majora's Mask will be #1 and #2 next year, confirmed.

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