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Hiku said:

Not sure how you can make it better next year, but I have to admit that it was my own laziness in reading through the rules that made me not participate.
One idea could be to make a video version of say the top 20 with audio snippets of the soundtrack for each game, alongside the text/picture version list you made now, for those who prefer that option, or want to see both. But that music would probably lead to copyright issues on Youtube.

Eh, the first step is just having more people around. Making it better doesn't necessarily mean changing things up. Personally I like this format and wouldn't want to upload a video on YouTube or anything (and certainly not on the top 20, which suddenly seems to be the focus because of how Nintendo-centric it is), though I have considered maybe including links to music from the games here on the OP. The issue there would be that having embed YouTube videos would make the post way too bloated, but you can change the dimensions of the videos so maybe it can be fixed... is it possible to reduce it to the point where you only get the player bar visible? That would be perfect, maybe I should check if it's possible sometime. Then again, doing that would pose quite an issue for me in terms of workload given how many of those games I haven't played, and consequently don't know the soundtrack of.