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Hiku said:

First of all, really good job on the execution and presentation of the topic, @mZuzek
Was nice to see all the different breakdowns, and that each game in the top 100 was presented with a banner.

I was pleased to see Majora's Mask at #12, before I kept scrolling down, and realized that the entire Top 20 (except SOTC) was nothing but Nintendo games, and 4 other Zelda titles were above Majora, so I was like... oh... T_T

And I'm not sure how this relates to the fanbase of VGCZ vs people who participated, but since I like the effort put into this, I will make sure to try to participate next time.

The top 2 on PS4 being Persona 5 and Nier is pretty accurate to my personal taste though, but there are many big games I haven't played yet.
Suikoden II landed on #43 for PS1 with 1 vote. Since it's my favorite game of all time, I'll make sure it gets one more vote next time. lol

Technically there were 2 non-Nintendo games in the top 20, with Final Fantasy VII just barely making it in (though right behind Final Fantasy VII there are plenty more). It was actually an "improvement" over last year, where Resident Evil 4 was the only one that made it in, but yeah, it's still not looking very diverse at the moment. I'm glad you wanna be a part of it next year, I'll be sure to try and make it even better than last.