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Whatever Retro was doing before, it's no secret Nintendo was about to close them down.

In my opinion, they're sacrificing Metroid to make an example out of Retro before they shut down the studio. I am unsure Nintendo themselves knows how to handle a title that needs such a large budget, but probably won't bring in the sales to justify it.

We'll see. It depends how many people Nintendo hires for Retro. If they go above 150 it will look like a more serious attempt - which is about the size of dev teams for those sorts of games about 15 years ago (note that Bioshock had a team in the 150-200 range and it took them about 10 years to make that game, although it DID go through multiple iterations due to hardware updates). This is a game that needs a team staffed with a minimum of 350 in order to succeed and get it out within 3-4 years in making a decent quality FPS comparable to the last generation of consoles. Top FPS titles last gen were staffed at 500-750.

If they don't go above 60, then we know what's about to go down.

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