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Victorlink87 said:

We are fairly morally broken as a species. I think this is worth while, but what we do to each other is even worse.

I agree that our impact both on other species and our own is pretty terrifying.

However, I'd argue that as a species, we are not morally broken. In fact, we are the most moral animals on the face of the planet.

There is some growing evidence that certain animals have a sense of right and wrong, but no other species' sense of morality comes close to what humans feel. All animals (including humans) kill each other and their own. But the fact that cannibalism and infanticide are acceptable in some species while they're overwhelmingly frowned upon by humans is a point for mankind.

There's a lot of morally broken groups in our species, but many groups strive to fight for other species (tigers, as a species, wouldn't do that for us) and the environment. Our impact is only larger because of our advanced capabilities...not our morality.