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The health benefits if you do not bathe often are definitely real, but I feel like maybe having to bathe often is a good thing. Some people say that the foreskin makes you more sensitive which is bad because you orgasm quicker, but let me tell you that this is not a problem at all, and in fact I feel as you get older you become less sensitive and that extra sensitivity can help you to still enjoy sex as you age. Another minor benefit is that the extra skin can slightly increase girth and acts like a natural ribbed for increased pleasure for the female.

Biggest drawback to foreskin I would say is the smell, if you have not bathed before sex or pulled your foreskin back at least half an hour before the sex to let it breathe(can feel uncomfortable bc of sensitive head rubbing against cloth) then the smell will definitely kill any chance of sex. One thing I should mention is that it is in fact possible to pull your foreskin back and leave it like that for pretty much ever acting no different than a circumcised individual. Not sure if every person can do it, but I definitely can because of my big head, but I chose not to because I find it very uncomfortable when my head starts drying and rubbing on my underwear.

Edit: Masturbating is very easy uncircumcised, your penis is basically already lubed. LOL 

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