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I would definitely recommend you not do it. If you are a man of God and believe that he created us in his image, then from that perspective why would it make sense to disrupt that? Do you think as a human you have better intellect in the say-so of what is best for your body than a being that has been around for eternity?

If you are not religious and simply believe in evolution, then wouldn’t it make sense that if we had a part on our bodies that was no longer needed, then our bodies would no longer produce it?

I hear some people talk about the “making fun of factor” and how they don’t want their boys who are natural (some places the minority) to be made fun of the boys that are circumcised (in those same places, the majority).  This is a very weird argument, because I don’t know who thinks that boys even are in a situation where they are looking at each other’s penises in their youth.  Kid orgy?  No.  School showers?  Not even a thing anymore.  Come on, let’s be real.  Your son’s penis will likely not be seen by anyone until he has a girlfriend and has sex with her for the first time.  I will reiterate. No one will make fun, because no one will see. Also, no one will make fun, because there is honestly nothing to make fun of in the first place.

The problem is Hollywood and the truth is that Hollywood does have a lot of Jewish writers and when you hear of a natural man’s penis, it is referred to as uncircumcised. Why? If something is natural, then what is modified needs a new name, thus: circumcised. There’s no need to retroactively create a new name for said natural product. It is in Jewish practice from a religious standpoint, to circumcise their boys and they do like to create this mentality in the world which is done through a large platform in movies and TV, to make it seem like guys who are natural, are in someway gross or is it a turn off to women. 

It is completely unnecessary, blatantly obvious, and is something that is unfortunately still around yet is fortunately, slowly fading away. 

In a woman’s vagina/butthole, there is no difference of feeling for her, whether a man is natural or circumcised.  In a woman’s mouth, there is more to do and as a result, the man has more options of pleasure to experience.

If you are cut, you go through life exposed to more friction and don’t feel as much when the time comes for it to really matter. Think of yourself as wearing socks wherever you go. When you take your socks off, your feet are nice and smooth, able to be tickled. If you were barefoot everywhere you went, then you would develop calluses that would prevent your feet from being ticklish. Tickling is better. And in this case, more sensation you could feel on your penis is better.

There’s also the fact that a lot of guys go through life, with a lot of resentment to their parents after finding out just what they are missing. To those that never look into it, they oftentimes don’t care that they were circumcised and that’s typically the majority of men. But to those that look into it, it leaves a great moral strain and a great sense of “what if” they weren’t cut.

You don’t just lose the foreskin, but the vein that is attached. You lose natural lubrication.  From a hygiene standpoint, maybe 2000 years ago they didn’t have soap, showers, and bathtubs that we all have in our homes, but just by cleaning, swimming in the pool, the ocean, etc., there is never ever a case where you get dirty.  The head of your penis remains sealed by its foreskin anyways, until you are actively having sex, unless you were extra vigorous while masturbating, presumably before you had sex for the first time.  The point in bringing that up is that you don’t need to even worry about a five-year-old kid pulling his foreskin back to clean behind it, because it’s something that is sealed away. The body tends to do what is best for it.  

There’s also the fact that you are putting your child through unnecessary pain and that just boggles my mind why anyone would do that to their precious child that they were carrying in them for nine months. It’s a sick practice that needs to go away. It has a lot of misconceptions about why it’s done and it’s completely foolish to do.

Hopefully my response has helped. I’d read it to your wife too (or let her read it if you feel like). Finally, the risk in a circumcised penis getting dirty or infected is definitely greater than a natural penis being left alone upon birth. Right?

I recommend you leave your boy in tact. That being said, here’s to a happy and healthy kid. May your wife have a smooth delivery.  :)

Last edited by PaulGaleNetwork - on 24 January 2019