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Where I'm from I know about a dozen guys. two thirds of them are circumcised and every one of them wishes they weren't.

Not a huge sample, but I've never personally met someone who likes being circumcised. The fact that those people can't reverse the process but the uncircumcised males still could get cut if they want is infuriating. It's one of those issues that infuriates me and gives me the sort of rage that'd drive me to violence if I didn't work so hard to be a pacifist. It's frankly disgusting that, in theory, someone other than the person involved could or would make such a huge choice for someone else. that's the opposite of freedom.

Why not cut off the kid's pinkie toe. He doesn't need it, and that's one fewer toe to clean.

Why not remove their nipples while you're at it. Just take a scalpel and slice em off! Men don't need them and they'd just be weirdly sensitive later. what if as he grows up other kids would tease him for having weirdly shaped or sized nipples?

Circumcision is just as nonsensical as that and has even less of a justification. I know from experience that cocks with foreskin are more sensitive, have more to play with, taste better, and are SUPER easy to clean. (Seriously, I do not understand the whole 'it's easier to clean' argument. Pull the skin back and clean it, no harder than washing your hands. Are you a shitty parent or something? So much of a prude you can't teach your damn kid how to take care of his junk? Does a penis make you uncomfortable? What could possibly be the explanation for this shitty parenting?)

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