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I've no memory of it, so I don't begrudge my parents in the slightest. I'm glad they got me circumcised. My girlfriend and I have already decided we'll be circumcising any boys, and she's otherwise an atheist who's generally big on consent, bodily autonomy, control over ones destiny, etc. For example she hates burial and wants to be cremated when she dies but she respects my desire to be buried and if next of kin, she will ensure that I am buried, not cremated. Our rationale is generally that health risks are minimal, and while benefits are also minimal, in general the foreskin likely won't be missed and uh...well...teenage boys, particularly depressed or ADHD ones, of which I and she both are so we'll be likely to pass it on, but the boys frequently go through periods of terrible hygiene, especially when depressed, and we don't want to deal with smegma. That seriously might be the most disgusting word in the English language, smegma. I never had to deal with it, don't want to have to deal with it with my son. And if I don't circumcise him, I probably will. Depression has a genetic component and is also becoming more common over time due to the changing demands on our lifestyles by society. Between that and ADHD, there's just a disturbing chance he'll have hygiene issues at some point. This just makes it that much easier to deal with, and honestly, hygiene issues with the foreskin DO carry a health risk, so to me, that edges the benefits of circumcision out over the risks. But that's just me. I understand if you would decide differently. It's ultimately not that big a deal.