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EricHiggin said:
Pemalite said:

There is of course always exceptions to the rule.

Poor people tend to be less educated, simply because they generally cannot afford better education. - That doesn't mean that they are intellectually impaired, they just haven't been given the appropriate opportunities in life to learn.

Whose fault is that? Who has the capability to help these people? Why haven't they if it's the right thing to do?

vivster said:

It doesn't really matter where the values come from. Being nice to other humans is a logical conclusion for a society to thrive and has been underlined by multiple revolutions in history. The behavior is biological and can be observed in numerous species who don't have a concept of god. I don't have to thank clerics for humans employing common sense, especially when they're the ones with least of it.

I can't perform miracles and neither could Jesus, because he was a human. Last time I checked humans don't have magic powers. Humans today have the power to heal illness and help the poor and sick with technology and intricate social systems. In fact our capability to help human beings far outclasses those of Jesus,even if he had them, because we can apply them on a global scale. And we do. Every single day. People use their power to help others without any ties to religion or thinking of Jesus. Thank you, science and technology for doubling our life expectancy since the days of Jesus Christ. You know, that thing that Jesus wasn't able to do because he was just a human without any knowledge or technology.

Nope. Being too nice will eventually get you 'mowed down' by someone else who doesn't care. Assuming we just haven't been able to weed out all the 'bad ones' just yet would be a poor conclusion. There's a reason disease and flu's etc don't just die and go away forever.

Jesus was God in human form, which is where his 'magic' powers came from. Thank you science and tech, for making people wait days in line, texting on their 'old' iPhone, waiting to buy the yearly super expensive new iPhone, that really doesn't make much of a difference, instead of better using that time and money to truly make a difference. 

Seems like a silly argument. Don't you think that people going to church and tithing have wasted more of their time and money than the average person has on iphones?