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DélioPT said:

God wants to save everyone. It's people who don't want to be saved.

Your God hypothetically would have the power to save everyone regardless of their intrinsic beliefs of behavior. - Unless he doesn't? Then your God isn't all powerful.

DélioPT said:

If you can choose between being with God and not being with Him, how are you not exercising your free will? There's nothing left to choose from.

If your God was all powerful, there could be no hell. Everyone would go to the same place irrespective of belief.

People lacking in belief of your deity due to the lack of empirical evidence isn't the same as people choosing to go to Hell, remember that.

DélioPT said:

The science-fiction claims? Really? Way to show respect! :)

Welp. I meant "fiction" obviously didn't have enough coffee this morning. - Which by it's definition is something that is "Imaginary, untrue, invented events". - Which the claims in the Bible can fall under until sufficient empirical  evidence comes about.

EricHiggin said:
Pemalite said:

Poor people tend to also have sub-par education. - Correlation?

What about the people who can clearly be considered intelligent but are poor because they are oppressed, or lazy, or disabled, etc? Why are some poor people less educated? Is it that they are a lost cause or are we, the intelligent one's, not smart enough to figure out how to get them a proper education by whatever means? How smart are we really then? How giving are we then? How could all these first world, less religious, advanced societies allow this to happen if we care so much about other people? Do we?

There is of course always exceptions to the rule.

Poor people tend to be less educated, simply because they generally cannot afford better education. - That doesn't mean that they are intellectually impaired, they just haven't been given the appropriate opportunities in life to learn.


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